COVID-19 Symptoms

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms: High fever Coughing Shortness of breath If you start experiencing any of these symptoms:  Self-quarantine and call (MoH) on 937 

To stop the spread of the virus and protect those around you.

Some jobs carry a higher risk of #coronavirus transmission. Some jobs carry a higher risk of #coronavirus transmission. Barbers and hairdresses For reusing the same instruments on many different people Unofficial drivers For not following safety precautions Private tutors For chatting with many different individuals & homes Be careful, your health is more important

Be informed!

Not everything you read on the internet about #coronavirus is true. Here are a few common myths. Be informed… Any age can get coronavirus Warm or cool weather does not kill coronavirus Mosquitos don’t spread coronavirus Household pets can’t spread coronavirus Gargling with salt water doesn’t kill the virus Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses

Be clear on cloth mask!

Be Clear on Cloth mask! When to wear cloth mask?  Whenever you are going out. How your cloth mask should be?  It should be snugly but comfortably against the sides of the face. Could be secured with a string that goes around your ears Multi layered but still allows you to breath easily Must be […]

Gloves won’t protect you!

Gloves don’t protect you from COVID-19 , as they result in: Giving you false sense of cleanliness Causing you to not wash your hands as frequent as you supposed to do. So, the best way is to wash your hands with soap and water for 40 seconds, or by rubbing them with an alcohol-based hand […]

Safety is a requirement, and precaution is an absolute must!

Safety is a requirement, and precaution is an absolute must! For everyone’s sake, stay home.Please stay at home and don’t leave only for urgent matter Wash your hands throughout the day Avoid handshakes under any circumstances and if you notice any corona symptoms please contact MOH on 937 We are all responsible!