Preventive measures to follow when receiving packages and deliveries

Preventive measures to follow when receiving a delivery package. How to safely receive orders and deliveries? Make sure that the courier is taking necessary precautions and is registered with the Communications Commission. Keep a safe distance at least 1 m between the recipient and the courier. Pay online instead of cash. Wash your hands after […]

How to use hand sanitizer?

The proper way to use hand sanitizer Total time: 20-30 seconds Fill the palm of your hand with sanitizer covering the entire surface Rub palms together Rub the back of your left hand with your right hand, interlacing fingers, then vice versa Rub the palms of your hands together, interlacing fingers Backs of fingers with […]

During Quarantine Period

During quarantine, make sure to follow these tips: Make sure to… Stay connected to society through social media even when you are in quarantine Get your news from reliable sources Hold your meetings by phone or video call Maintain your daily routine and discover something new Eat healthy and get plenty of sleep To stay […]

How to spend the quarantine time?

How to spend the quarantine time? Tips to enjoy yourself while in quarantine: Start your day with positive thoughts and spiritual practice Wash your hands with soap and water for 40 seconds Get some exercise Maintain a safe distance from those around you Take online classes on a platform like Rawaq Eat healthily Watch useful […]

Know the difference

What are they? Quarantine A method of isolating infected individuals who are contagious or who are carriers, to reduce patient mobility and stop the virus from being transmitted to another person. Medical Quarantine: For healthy people who do not have symptoms but are suspected of having the disease, they are quarantined, while providing all their […]

What to do during home quarantine?

What to do during home quarantine? Open the windows and make sure there is enough ventilation Make sure to always sterilize highly used surfaces such as door handles Don’t come in contact with anyone and refuse to receive visitors Don’t share eating utensils with others, you can use single-use paper plates Maintain communication with others […]

When you should go into quarantine?

When should you go into quarantine? Quarantine at the hospital: When you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 Quarantine at home When you are sure that you have come in contact with infected individuals even if you don’t have clear symptoms How? Stay home until it is confirmed that you aren’t infected (i.e. after the […]