As elderly people are more vulnerable to suffer fro sender illness when they get infected with COVID-19, and for the Saudi society and ptr of our culture and structure of our families taking care of older people may led to increase their risk of getting infected with Coronavirus

So, a designated campaign was launched sending very specific tailed messages for both caregivers, elderlies themselves, as well as, those  around them including families, and friends.

Stressing on the importance of showing their commitment and solidarity to all  precautions measures which involves: keeping a safe distance and avoid handshakes with other ,as well as, avoiding hugs and kisses.

This campaign initiated with “we truly understand” slogan to give a sense of acceptance and understanding from the elderly to their loved ones for keeping a distance and staying away whenever they start showing any symptoms, and to increase their awareness  about the importance of their role in preventing this precious group from being infected.

This campaign focused on 2 main objectives: