People play a major role for us to win the battle against this invisible enemy as it is not only the responsibility of the government. By showing their commitment and solidarity to all  precautions measures.

Such extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and a renewed sense of duty to counter all forms of threats physical or otherwise.

This campaign initiated with “We are all responsible” slogan to give a sense of responsibility among everyone and to increase their awareness  about the importance of their role in this journey against this virus.

It got launch on March 21 it has been one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter with the below designed logo:

The philosophy behind this logo:

The green reflects the color of the Saudi flag. It also gives a sense of reassurance, equilibrium and comfort.

The two lines on top of the logo are close to one another, but not touching each other in order to reflect people’s commitment to adhering to social distancing measures and to also show solidarity. The logo reflects the values upon which it was based.

This campaign focused on 2 main objectives: