As part of the third phase of MOH plan to return life in the Kingdom to normal amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but warned that the danger had not passed.

This campaign entitled ” Cautiously We Return” to encourage people to go back to normal life while committing to all the preventive and precautious measures.

Keeping in mind, the virus is still there, it’s still spreading, and the pandemic is ongoing, there isn’t a cure yet, but we remain hopeful. By returning back to normality, but carefully. We now know of all the preventive measures and how to deal with the pandemic through research and studies over the past period. Applying precautionary measures to our day-to-day lives will limit the chances for contracting the disease. This approach helped it to monitor the pandemic’s progression throughout the Kingdom.

We encourage to visit the closest Tetamman Clinic whenever you start experiencing any symptoms. The clinics worked around the clock and that an appointment was not necessary. If you don’t have the symptoms but you are worried and want to make sure you are welcome to visit Taakad Clinic where we will be there to help you to check on your health condition.

What you have to do to stay healthy and safe: