What to do when going out?

What should I do when I leave the house?

  • Do not leave the house unless necessary
  • Bring an additional cloth mask
  • Bring alcohol-based hand sanitizer

How does (COVID-19) spreads

When a person with (COVID-19) coughs or exhales, he releases droplets of fluid infected with the disease, and those droplets fall on surfaces and nearby objects such as offices, tables or phones.
Then the disease is transmitted when people touch those contaminated surfaces and touch their eyes, mouth, or face afterward.
It is also possible for the disease to transmit if a person is standing one or two meters away from the person infected with (COVID-19) by direct contact through the diffused droplets from those infected.
Know that most people with (COVID-19) suffer from mild symptoms and recover from it, some may experience more serious symptoms and may need hospital care.

Risk of infection

The risk of infection increases among some groups, such as:

  1. The elderly.
  2. People who suffer from medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart and lung diseases.
  3. People with a weak immune system, and some groups with a risk of disease.

Symptoms of infection

The main symptoms include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, and sometimes symptoms can develop into pneumonia. The infection may cause severe complications for people with a weak immune system, chronic diseases, and the elderly.

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The wonderful integration between all government agencies throughout this crisis was lead by a distinguished leader who works tirelessly. He created a team that works with the highest measures of synchrony and quality, keeping the citizen their main priority.
Tawfiq Al Rabiah
Minister of Health

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