Proper way to wear face mask

This is the most common type of masks.
Here’s how to wear it.
Keep the dark side out,
while the light side touches your face.
metal band remaining at the top.
Position the middle of the metal band on your nose.
Place the loops around the ears,
then pull the mask down,
ensuring it covers the nose, mouth and bottom part of the face.
If the mask gets wet or moist,
dispose of it and use another.
To remove the mask, don’t touch your nose or mouth.
Hold the ear loops and lift.
Dispose of the mask in a trash bin,
then sanitize your hands or wash them with soap and water.
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The wonderful integration between all government agencies throughout this crisis was lead by a distinguished leader who works tirelessly. He created a team that works with the highest measures of synchrony and quality, keeping the citizen their main priority.
Tawfiq Al Rabiah
Minister of Health

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