Just because you can’t see the bacteria…

Are you still not convinced to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently for 40 seconds?!

Well, in this lab experiment where we take you in a journey to look deeply into your hands and discover how easily it is for them get dirty and the effective way to keep them clean.

Your hands give you access to the world.
they serve you throughout the day, everyday
And that puts them at risk of germs and infection.
We all wash our hands all the time,
and we think that we are washing them the right way,
But are our hands actually clean?
I am at this lab today
to try 5 different ways of eashing my hands,
and to compare the results of each one
Many people think that they wash their hands the right wa,
We will now show the different ways that people whash their hands
and we will find out together which ways are correct, and wich are not.
I am ready to have some bacteria on my hands!

I put some of E. coli bacteria on my hands,
and then I took a sample,
Although there are bacteria on my hands right now,
they still look clean to me,
That’s what you think, just like many people think that bacteria can be seen with the naked eye.
We began with the first way of washing hands,
which is using water only
Then I took another sample,
Then I washed my hands using the 4 other ways,
with water and soap for 5 seonds,
with water and soap for 40 seonds.
Then using hand sanitizer,
one for 5 seconds
and one for 20 seconds.
We have concluded trying 5 different ways
and taking samples in these Petri dishes.

24 hours have passed, and the results are ready.
This is how the bacteria looked before washing the hands,
and this is after whashing them with water only,
and this is after using water and soap for 5 seconds,
As for this one,
it is after using water and soap
Hand sanitizers
are a good alternative if water and soap are not available.
The right way to use the sanitizer
is to apply it on the whole hand and rub it for 20 seconds,
In conclusion,
always remember,
that washing your hands
with water and soap
for 40 seconds
is the first step
towards protecting yourself from viruses and infection.
Always wash your hands… and live well.

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