Expecting mom and worried about your baby?

Preventive measures to be taken by expecting mom to protect themselves from getting infected with COVID-19 while pregnant 

Pregnant women are more susceptible to viruses in general, so make sure to:

  1. Wash your hand thoroughly and frequently for 40 seconds
  2. follow up with your doctor
  3. Keep a safe distance from others, whenever going out
  4. Eat balanced meals
  5. Follow sneezing and coughing etiquette
  6. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth
  7. Stay away from people who are sick and infected with COVID-19
  8. Stay hydrated by drinking enough fluids
  9. If you feel any symptoms, call MOH’s call center on (937).
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The wonderful integration between all government agencies throughout this crisis was lead by a distinguished leader who works tirelessly. He created a team that works with the highest measures of synchrony and quality, keeping the citizen their main priority.
Tawfiq Al Rabiah
Minister of Health

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