A scientific experiment of wearing a mask!

You are now going out of your home to meet a friend or relative somewhere

My question is:

Will you wear a mask or not?

In this video I will look into this question

I know how useful the mask is in our daily life

But before I start my experiment

I need to be in a somewhat different place

I’ll be in…. a cafe

In this cafe, I will be wearing a mask

And I will be the one who is not wearing a mask

And I will complete the whole experiment without a mask

I am ready to start the experiment

The idea of the experiment is to measure the ability of the mask to limit the spread of infection

So we tried the mask in three different cases

We brought a model and put the red plate on it in the areas that most capture the infection, specifically in the mouth and nose area.

And we put it one meter away


One time, I talked. 

And the second time, I coughed

And the third time, I sneezed

Once without a mask and the other was with a mask

We sent the six samples to the Regional Laboratory in Riyadh

Which is an affiliate of the Ministry of Health and is the largest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

In the laboratory the samples were classified

And put it inside the designated incubator

Which helps accelerate the growth of bacteria on the samples during the incubation period

After 48 hours; the samples were out of the laboratory

The difference between wearing a mask and not wearing one was huge.

Before presenting the results, I asked Dr. Alaa Al-Ali

He is the head of the infectious diseases department at King Saud Medical City, the mask.

My question was simply why do we wear the mask?

The mask is one of the means of protection and defence

From this virus

Of course, spray is transmitted between one person and the other 

And infection occurs

Therefore, the mask prevents this transmission

It is a simple tool

And an easy way… and really inexpensive 

But its results are very significant

I reviewed the results with the doctor

The obvious difference between them

In the upper photos, they are the samples in which I was wearing a mask

As for the below photos, they were without a mask.

As you can see

It is quite clear that with the mask

Whether in talking.

Or coughing. or sneezing

The results are healthy, Praise Be to Allah.

But .. in the absence of the mask

There was no filter or any cover to block that spray

Note that talking, coughing, and sneezing

All spread infection

The experience that you have done..

Truly! is proof, which I believe that no one can do 

Anything more

To prove to people the importance of the mask

The mask is very important


The next time you think of removing the mask, remember these results

You know that it is the slogan of society now

“To Return Cautiously”

We need more interest in the topic of caution

Wearing a mask is very important… for every person and for others

We hope that there is commitment 

We hope that the number of cases continues to decrease

Because of this awaited awareness, 

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Minister of Health

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