Health Protocols for Prevention of COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

Affiliated with Social Care Centers

The Environment and the Safety of the Elderly and Workers

Reporting and Monitoring

Visiting relatives and Friends

Health Workers in the Nursing Homes

When a previously infected case with coronavirus enters into the nursing homes as a new arrival

Or was transferred to the center after being treated and recovered

In the event of a confirmed or suspected case among the elderly, COVID-19 laboratory test must be performed

And that depends on the availability of capabilities and this includes the following:

Regarding the elderly who have memory problems or Alzheimer’s disease

Communication and Awareness


Appendix A: Individuals who are at Higher Risk of Infection

The health controls for suspending attendance at workplaces during the Covid-19 pandemic shall be attached to the medical reports of the below Health Conditions:

For those who have been admitted to the hospital at least once in the past six months.

– Heart muscle failure.

– Coronary artery disease with at least having one heart attack during the past year.

1. Acquired immunodeficiency disease

2. Use of immunosuppressive drugs.

3. Use of cancer treatment drugs.

BMI 40>kg/m2

4. Uncontrolled diabetes, which necessitated admission to the hospital at least once during the past six months

5. High blood pressure disease, which required admission to the hospital at least once during the past six months

6. Kidney failure (dialysis)

7. Cirrhosis.